Our Services



Shingle Roof

Rely on the Best Residential and Commercial Asphalt Shingle Roofing Contractor.

Cedar Roof

Don’t risk another winter with your current roof, We give you no-nonsense advice.

Torch Down Roof

We only choose materials with long warranties and a history of customer satisfaction.


We offer a wide variety of choices and styles of eavestrough to meet your needs and protect your investment.

Repair and Maintenance

Roof Repair Services

We give you no-nonsense options, choices and prices to suit your budget.

Eavestrough Repair

Variety of choices & styles to meet your roofing needs and protect your largest investment.

Eavestrough Cleaning

We can give you advice on what are the best eavestrough cleaning services for your needs.

Snow Removal and Ice Daming

Provides you with peace of mind that heavy snow loads won’t be a potential hazard.

Other Roof Services

Attic Ventilation Services

Keeping your house or commercial building “breathing” with proper attic ventilation.


Skylight update is one of our roofing services helps you to update your skylights with the latest technological advances.

Carpentry Services

We can restore a Unique Architectural Design during our roofing services.

Leaf Guards

We maintain & repair all well-known leaf guard types including mesh, nylon, foam & reverse curve.

Downsprout Repair & Installation

Spending your budget on a high quality downspouts system is not a cost, it’s an investment.


A cost-saving solution to retain energy in your home and keep it comfortable.

Why Choose US


With more than 30 years of combined industry experience, we offer the professional knowledge and expertise that homeowners depend on.


Customers trust us to provide premium-quality products and precise installations for roofing improvements that deliver long-term satisfaction.


Home improvement with a personal touch – that’s what you can expect from the dedicated professionals at Toronto Premier Roofing.